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Pricing for a New James Fry Guitar!

Guitars come custom built to the buyers specifications, check below to see all of the options. Choose from these custom features.

:: All prices listed in Canadian Dollars ::

If you have specific questions to ask James don't forget to go to the contact page where you can send him a detailed descripition of what your needs are. Just Click Here

Small Jumbo
Description: Smaller in the upper bout compared to a traditional dreadnought, but wide in the lower bout for that extra bass that you expect from a jumbo. Much easier to get your arm around it. Standard costs without additional features:

Small Jumbo: $2900.00 (CAD)

OO 12 Fret
Description: A small sized guitar with a big sound. The neck meets the body at the 12th fret instead of the 14th. Having a 12-fret neck results in a sweeter, less cutting tone. Standard costs without additional features:

00 12 Fret: $2900.00 (CAD)
Ochestra Model, (OM)
Description: Originally these were the larger version of the earlier 00 models and were called the Orchestra Model, or OM for short. The OM has a sharp, focused, and balanced sound by virtue of its smaller size and air volume. It tends to have a clear voice and throw its sound out pretty far, considering how small it is. Standard costs without additional features:

Ochestra Model: $2900.00 (CAD)
Dreadnought, (D)
Description: A traditional dreadnought design with forward shifted and scalloped bracing for mature tone and lots of punch and bass response. Standard costs without additional features:

Dreadnought Model: $2900.00 (CAD)